Monday, September 21, 2015

Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) Mulls Points Deduction Amid Marseille-Lyon crowd trouble

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Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) president Frederic Thiriez suggest points penalty for crowd trouble like the one which led to the suspension of Marseille's game against Lyon.

Last Sunday, Lyon were ahead 1-0 when commotion ensued when objects like glass bottles were thrown from the stands at visiting goalkeeper Anthony Lopes, referee Ruddy Buquet had to halt the game at 61 minutes. The referee had also halt the game previously when former Marseille winger Mathieu Valbuena was targeted by fans while waiting to take a corner. The game resumed when an announcement was made warning fans that any more problems would result in the game being abandoned, with the match eventually finishing 1-1.

Valbuena had a rough night he was booed and jeered throughout the game, fans even made a replica of him hanging by the neck. He played for Marseille for 8 seasons before joining Lyon.

The Liga de Fútbol Profesional talked about the event at a crisis meeting in Paris in which Thiriez warned trouble makers that they were making football in France look bad and could eventually end up harming their own club.

"I know that a points deduction is painful because it punishes the players who've often done nothing," he told reporters.

"It could seem unfair but isn't it really dissuasive? The disciplinary committee has already applied it there are some precedents. Shouldn't we be stricter in this way?"

Thiriez also said that they will be reinstalling protective netting to stop objects being thrown on to the field of play and condemned a "serious deficiency" in security measures at the Stade Velodrome.

"Glass bottles were able to be thrown in the direction of the players, which is absolutely intolerable. When clubs do their work, things go well. Yesterday it didn't work and the club will have to explain why.

Marseille is a special case, some would say unique -- so it's not reasonable that the club might not know who is in the stands."

Jean-Michel Aulas Lyon president of Lyon charge Marseille of fanning vendetta against Valbuena. The Patrick Kanner, French Minister for Sport said that he was "sickened" to watch Sunday's events.

"I'm sickened," Kanner told BFM TV. "It's a very sad image of sport that we're giving. The people involved have to be punished."

"The gallows with the puppet of Valbuena -- that's unacceptable when you know what Valbuena brought to Marseille.

"And then there were the comments of the president of Marseille, Vincent Labrune -- comments that weren't equal to the event.

"I would have preferred more firmness towards supporters who were awful during a good part of the game."


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